Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shameless art headhunting in progress...

We are looking for artists!

FORGED is a fantasy Role-Playing Game (RPG) developed over more than 12 years by a dedicated little legion of writers, amateur game-designers and play-testers. After much blood and toil, we are rounding the corner and charging towards the long-awaited publishing of our first rules set. Now, more than ever, some truly amazing artwork is required to polish off all of our hard work.

We're not looking for an artist to perform a one-time job; we are looking for a fully invested partner to join our team and breathe life into our world. The lands, races and cultures of Khaelavar will literally be yours to create, from current concepts to a finished product. FORGED needs a talented artist to provide a sense of continuity in style as we go forward with first phase publication. As we advance to other projects that expand the world, we want to bring that same magic and visual theme to those projects.

Interested? Get in contact with us via pm here or on our website at
Let us take a look at your style and discover if you are a match for the unique feel of FORGED and Blackstone Entertainment, Inc. If so, we'll put you to work immediately. We are a dedicated, passionate team and we are very selective about who we bring in.

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